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About Thirst For Art

Thirst For Art

Thirst For Art is a local business that blends a creative approach to a fun night out with friends.

Combining tasteful wines/drinks and step by step canvas painting with a talented artist, you and your friends will enjoy the night as you tap into your creative side.

You can reserve your spot today by booking online. Events usually run 2 hours in length and once your painting is complete it is yours to take home!

January Ferrier

January Ferrier

I am a wife and a new mom to my first child. I studied Art and Art History at the University of Toronto with Sheridan College, where I found my passions to be painting and photography. After my undergrad at U of T I went to Western University for Education.  Since then I have been teaching in various roles since 2010. 
In my artwork I mainly use water based acrylic paints on canvas, and I love painting in a variety of styles and techniques mostly using bright colours!  
Just recently, with the help of my husband, we have decided to combine my talent for painting and teaching and sharing it with our community.  Teaching is something that has always come naturally, and when I teach art especially, I know that is what I am truly meant to be doing, in addition to being a mom.

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Start with a DRINK end with a work of ART!

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